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  • Halloween Factions Opening! by Spurlex - on October 28, 2014

    From the archive:

    Thats right! Its officially time to announce the MinigameMC Halloween Event and with that comes the grand opening of Factions!

    While planning a Halloween event I thought to myself... What do the users really want as a treat this Halloween and then it hit me YOU WANT FACTIONS OPEN!

    This Halloween we will be hosting a spOooOoOoky Halloween event as the grand opening of Factions. This event will take place on a special event server that you will have access to leading up to the event. You will battle your way through a Halloween themed map with mazes, parkour, mob fighting and more and what will your reward be? Factions of course!

    We want this to be a great event and will be running competitions along the way. One thing we will be looking out for is the best Halloween themed skin if you have the best most creative Halloween skin you will be rewarded with VIP.

    The maps also have lots of hidden prizes along the way we have heaps of stuff to give away from our store so make sure you are online to win heaps of cool stuff and have fun at our Halloween Factions Grand Opening.

    The server will be opened throughout the day of Halloween where you can gather and start the #HYPE of the event. We will not start the event until later but will have a nice waiting area for you all.

    6PM PST (9PM EST)

    We are working hard to make sure most of you users can be online for the event and will announce the time closer to the event!


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  • The October Update by Spurlex - on October 4, 2014

    Hey everyone!

    I'm writing this post to inform you of our new MinigameMC updates which will be occurring all throughout October. We have a lot of cool content that we have been working hard on to finally launch for all you users.

    Our first update will be a brand new game mode for PvP called Detonate The Bomb. This is a game of defence and attack where you must get to the enemy teams TnT Bomb and ignite it using the Fuse that you are provided with in your kit. You must also stop the enemy team from getting to your bomb and defusing it if they manage to ignite it. This takes skill due to the need to have a team which will defend and attack at the same time. We've had a few tests on the map Arctic Warfare which have gone well. 

    Detonate The Bomb is now live on the server!

    KitPvP is a server that we put up to see how many people would take a liking to it. It was more of a hobby server, but this is about to change. We have a brand new map made by the wonderful KittyKartel and friends and let me tell you it is BEAUTIFUL

    We have also gone ahead and got some new features into KitPvP. We didn't want it to be just PvP we wanted more things to do on the server. We thought with our new map which has lots of places to explore this would be a great opportunity to implement some new features. A new Villager trading system will allow you to earn Gems from completing different tasks (such as kill streaks and mining) which you can trade with villagers to earn special abilities, armour and MONEY of course.

    Oh and we also have areas where mobs spawn so you can go visit lovely little islands full of CHICKENS! 

    KitPvP 2.0 will replace KitPvP on Saturday 11th October 2014 at 10:00 a.m. (EST) and we will have a celebration event of destroying the original KitPvP server (with TnT and Dragons yay) All KitPvP Items will be reset

    Now if you were a ActionPvP player you will remember the Arcade. I've always thought this was a bit rushed and because of some previous team members from ActionPvP I never thought it was up to its full potential.

    SO... We have recoded it as we did with PvP and have a bunch of new game modes which in my opinion are 10x funner than the old ones. We have been beta testing this often and working on the bugs and we think it is about time to announce the launch date.

    Arcade will be launching 25th October 2014 9:00AM (EST) and will be celebrated with 2x XP on all Arcade Servers! We will be announcing the time closer to this date so make sure you follow us on twitter (@MinigameMC) for up to date info.

    Last but not least FACTIONS! We have been working hard on creating a very nice Factions environment and we are proud to announce that we will be opening near the end of October. We don't have an exact launch date yet as we want to make sure everything is perfect but we assure you that it will be launched before next month.

    So get those TnT Cannon and raiding skills ready because it's finally coming and we cant wait!

    So from the team at MinigameMC we hope you are as excited for these new updates as we are and there will be surely many more during October we just wanted to let you know a few of the key updates we have in store for you!

    Thanks for being a part of MinigameMC <3

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  • We are hiring staff! by Spurlex - on September 1, 2014

    Staff applications are now closed!

    Hey lovely players!

    It's time again for us to up our staff count and hire some new Helpers! Helpers are a step below Moderator and are the stepping stone to being hired as a full Moderator. 

    We are looking for helpers who are dedicated to MinigameMC 100% and are active, friendly and helpful (hence the name Helpers). This means we expect you to be able to handle pressure and handle having to moderate instead of playing the game. You also should be committed to making MinigameMC better 100% so we expect members of staff to not be staff anywhere else.

    As a Helper your job will be general moderator jobs and once you have mastered the tasks we ask of you we will promote you to Moderator. If you cannot handle it you will be demoted.

    So how do you apply?
    Applications are to be sent via email to Applications now closed and should include the following

    Full Name:
    When did you first join MinigameMC:
    How many hours do you spend on MinigameMC per day:
    What experience do you have:
    What is a forcefield hack (explain how to figure out if a user is using this in detail):
    Why should we hire you:
    Anything else you would like to state:

    The more detail the more likely you are to be accepted. Make sure your spelling and grammar is all correct and everything is understandable.

    Please send your applications to Applications now closed and note we will not reply to everyone. If you are accepted you will get a response. Please do not harass staff when you will get a response or when we will accept any applications. We do not have specific dates for this and would rather have you not asking about applications in game. Asking may lower your chances.
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  • Welcome to MinigameMC by Spurlex - on August 1, 2014

    For months our staff team has been working behind the scenes to bring to you what we think is a much better Minecraft gaming experience. We have spent countless hours perfecting code and redesigning elements that made ActionPVP great to create a much more fun server experience.

    MinigameMC is the result of that hard work and we are replacing ActionPVP with MinigameMC today! 

    Woah woah woah... Before you worry that all your kills are gone we have transferred all your stats over to MinigameMC. The database has been updated and all the maps and games that you love are here. It's just like ActionPVP but with a lot more optimisations and things to look forward to in the future.

    The code that runs ActionPVP has been fully recoded to make everything faster, easier to update and lag free. Everything we have coded is ready for name changing in 1.8 so you don't have to worry about the future.

    But where's the new stuff?
    Due to the amount of code that has changed we didn't want to launch any brand new games or maps yet. We want to make sure everything is stable and running as we expect it before launching straight into the new stuff which we have planned.

    We hope you enjoy our new updates and we hope you join us on this great journey into a great new Minecraft gaming experience.
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